Hermetics and Music

Columbia 14 Educational Guest Talk on ‘Hermetics and Music’ Scheduled for Tuesday evening March 4

This coming Tuesday evening March 4th, Columbia 14 is hosting a guest speaker:  WB Bert Beaudin is the junior Past Master of East Denver Lodge #160, and a practicing performance musician.  He will be speaking on Hermetic Philosophy and Music.

The talk will touch on subjects such as why music was named one of the seven liberal arts and sciences, the mathematical ratios underlying Pythagorean tuning, harmonics, and the Western diatonic scale, as well as parallels with such concepts as “sacred geometry”.

The subject matter of this Educational Talk may appeal to both Masons and non-Masons alike, so it will be held in an Open Lodge setting where you are welcome to invite Prospects or Guests, and Brothers from other Lodges are welcome to bring theirs as well. The talk will be followed by a discussion at the Festive Board to follow in the old Little Lodge room.

Lodge will open at 7:00 PM. Doors will be open for Prospects and Guests at 7:15 PM and the talk will begin at 7:30 PM. Columbia 14 is located on the NW corner of Broadway and Pine in Boulder. This event will be catered and given the subject of the talk as well as where it falls on the calendar the theme of the meal will be ‘Mardi Gras’!  The cost of the meal will be $15 with your RSVP.  You must RSVP in advance if you plan on attending the festive board.  Reservations should be made no later than Monday at 12:00pm and can be made by emailing Bro Bill Flinchbaugh at columbia14masons@gmail.com