Welcome To East Denver Lodge #160

East Denver Lodge No. 160 is an education-based Masonic Lodge, chartered on September 17, 1924, under the auspices of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Colorado, A.F. & A.M. In addition to promoting Masonic principles, our fundamental purposes are to facilitate thoughtful dialogue, develop and present Masonic education, and provide our members with a meaningful, vibrant Lodge experience.

We believe one of the most arduous tasks set before us at the onset of the new millennium is the challenge of restoring the Masonic Order to its rightful place in the pantheon of esoteric traditions from which it doubtlessly sprang. It is with this responsibility in mind that we set to labor with the Freedom, Fervency, and Zeal so revered by the ancient practitioners of our honorable Craft.

Albert Pike once stated: “We have all the Light we need, we just need to put it in practice.” East Denver Lodge No. 160 endeavors to bring Light to the forefront of our collective Masonic experience and serve as a celebration of the Divine spark that exists within each man.

The motivation for East Denver Lodge No. 160’s is to improve the Masonic experience for the members and allow them to draw the most benefit from the ancient teachings contained within Masonic philosophy. We can think of no better enumeration of our tenets than the list both distributed by the Masonic Restoration Foundation to the delegates of the 2011 North American Conference of Grand Masters, held in Denver, Colorado and presented by Brother Pierre G. “Pete” Normand in his article:

A Return to the Traditional Lodge Model, published in the 2011 edition of the Scottish Rite Research Society’s Journal Heredom 1: