Purpose: To provide the brothers and prospects of East Denver Lodge #160 with an outline for conducting basic Mirror Work. 

Introduction: There are many versions of Mirror Work and various levels of skill of the worker. This exercise is a basic one designed to acquaint the observer with basic Mirror Work. Advance levels can include scrying and other forms of divination and character exploration; however, these uses will not be covered within this document.

WARNING: Mirror work can be disturbing for some individuals. It should be noted that items seen in the mirror are reflections of the different aspects of the self, and as such, some of them may be quite dark. If the person conducting the Mirror Work experiences negative or dark emotions while conducting the exercise, it is suggested that the person stop the exercise, reflect on what has occurred and why, and contact a Lodge representative. It should be noted that nothing negative can occur from the exercise and any darkness experienced during the exercise is darkness from the individual.

Equipment: The following equipment is needed:

  1. Mirror (Preferably one that has been charged in the full moon for ½ hour or more, but not absolutely required).
  2. Area that is dark and free from distractions.
  3. One candle.
  4. Approximately 30 minutes.

Set Up: Set the mirror on a table that is of a height that the observer’s neck is not strained. The mirror should be set well back from the edge of the table. Place the candle to the right of the edge of the mirror. The candle should not be reflected in the mirror but should cast a light haze of light across the front of the mirror. The candle is used only to light up part of the face. The mirror, observer and the candle should form a triangle. It is important to adjust the candle so that it is far enough to the side that it is not in a direct line of sight of the observer nor is it reflected directly in the mirror.

Observer should be seated and comfortable, legs should not be crossed, hands flat on thighs. Observer should be able to relax fairly well in this position.

Exercise: Once the observer is comfortable, the candle is in proper placement, and most (60%) of the face is visible in the mirror, the observer is to look into the mirror concentrating on looking at the right eye. The focus on the right eye must be maintained for the duration of the exercise. As the observer looks at the right eye, natural nystagmus will cause the eye to move from the right eye in the mirror to elsewhere or to cause the picture to completely fuzz out. When that happens, simply refocus on the eye and continue the exercise.   

The average time for results to manifest for a first-time user is approximately 15 minutes, for some it may take a longer time and for others it may take a shorter time. Once the exercise has been done a few times, results can manifest within a few minutes. The exercise should be done for a minimum of a half hour. For some it is necessary to do the exercise a couple of times in order to manifest results.

Results: The results can be different for different people and are not discussed in this document on purpose. The exercise is to be performed for 15 minutes to one-half hour. If the observer does not notice anything the first time the exercise is done the observer is encouraged to duplicate the exercise the next night and so on until the observer has something to report. Once something has been observed in the mirror, other than oneself, the observer is to communicate it to a member of the Lodge for an explanation and discussion.

It is suggested that the observer write down in a journal what was experienced, how much time was required for results to manifest, duration of the exercise, feelings, epiphanies, thoughts, reflections, etc. This will assist in the discussion with the mentor or Lodge member.