The East Denver Lodge No. 160 Trestle board launches a new format which, it is hoped, will expand the dissemination of information to the members of the Lodge and to other Masons interested in the activities of East Denver Lodge No. 160. As part of the new format, members of the Lodge are encouraged to submit articles or other content for inclusion.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Items must be in Word or a compatible Text format.
  • Items should not exceed 350 words, to include citations, references, and footnotes.
  • All material referenced from copyrighted sources must indicate the original source, author, copyright date, publisher.
  • Content must be in keeping with the tenets of Masonry and with our obligations as Masons.
  • Foreign language content must be translated into Standard American English.
  • All submissions are subject to editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and content.
  • Items will be reviewed by the Editor, Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens.
  • Items for inclusion must be received no later than the 10 th of the month previous to publication.

Ex Oriente is the periodic Trestle board of East Denver Lodge No. 160.
For submission guidelines or to be added to the mailing list, please signup or email us.
Postal Mailing Address: East Denver Lodge No. 160 1370 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado 80203-2347

The Ex Oriente is in PDF format. You can get a free pdf reader from Adobe systems.